Ypush - Carer Controlled Electric Wheelchair

Ypush - Carer Controlled Electric Wheelchair



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Ypush Wheelchair


The NEW revolutionary Ypush gives the Carer instant power at the touch of a button. NO MORE PUSHING! 


What’s the problem?

Every single day, hundreds of thousands of Carers, friends and family members, struggle to pull and push people around in manual wheelchairs. It has been estimated that 70% suffer from fatigue and injuries, severely restricting travel and activities. If the Carer is struggling and the occupant feels like a burden, it becomes easier to just stay at home.


What is the Ypush?

The Ypush is the world’s only Carer-controlled powered wheelchair that rolls along freely so it can be pushed manually, BUT with seamless power available at any time, at any speed, without even stopping or changing any settings. This amazing combination and ease of use, is a total game-changer, as it makes manoeuvring in tight spaces easy, and tackling obstacles, ramps, and hills, completely effortless. It gives you the best of both worlds, and it’s ultra-safe and easy to use too.


What is new and different about the Ypush, and how will this help me?

The ‘’Brintal ADDS Advanced Dual Drive System’’ is new and unique to the Ypush, and has been specially developed using cutting edge technology. Unlike any other drive system, the wheels are always free to turn, which allows you to push the wheelchair manually if you wish, press the throttle lever to use Power, or use a seamless combination of both - the Carer simply walks behind! There is also power steering, giving a totally new, intuitive, and exciting user experience.


What about brakes and safety?

The Brintal ‘’Hands off’’ Safety Brake System sets new standards in passenger safety - if the Carer slips or trip, the brakes are automatically applied, keeping the occupant safe. The Electronic Anti-tip System is also unique to the Ypush, ensuring safe, fun, and stress-free days out!


Is the Ypush like a power-pack or adapted power chair?

Unlike a bolt on power-pack, the Ypush requires no complicated setting up, no extra wheels to worry about, and no extra parts to forget or lose – it’s a compact one piece unit which packs and unpacks ready for use in seconds. Unlike an adapted attendant controlled power chair, which is ‘’locked in gear’’ to provide power, so can’t be pushed manually with an occupant, the Ypush always rolls along freely, seamlessly combining power drive and manual use.


What’s in the box?

The Ypush comes complete with Lithium Power Pack, Battery Charger, Battery Carry Case and Travel Roller Bag, giving you everything you need to enjoy spending quality time together, whether at home or away. There is even an on-board USB accessory charging socket to keep devices charged.


Key Features


  • Dual drive – manual and powered modes
  • Ultra-torque integral motors
  • Fail safe braking
  • Unfold and go in 60 seconds
  • Airline and cruise line compatible
  • Lightweight
  • USB charge & power accessories on board
  • Fully tested and compliant
  • ADS™ advanced drive system
  • E-turn power steering
  • 100kg carrying 100 capacity
  • Dual anti-tip system
  • Puncture proof tyres
  • Lightweight rapid charge battery
  • Occupant sensor system
  • Swing-away footrests


Technical Specification


Overall dimensions fully assembled mm (in) - 1010 (39.8) x 630 (24.8) x 945 (37.2)

Overall dimensions fully folded mm (in) - 15 (28.1) x 340 (13.4) x 720 (28.3)

Maximum carrying capacity – do not exceed kg (lb) - 00 (220.4)

Mass (weight) including battery pack kg (lb) - 23.5 (51.8)

Battery voltage and capacity - 36v/5Ah/180Wh – only use Brintal battery packs

Mass of battery pack kg (lb) - 1.3 (2.86)

Type of battery - Lithium Ion – IATA/UN38.3/EN 62133. Model: YPE01/1

Type of seat - Padded fabric, folding back & folding armrests. Integral seatbelt.

Motors - 2 x - rear wheels – brushless

Brake Override (Freewheel) - 2 x auto with override - auto-mechanical.

Seat depth mm (in) - 395 (15.5)

Seat width mm (in) - 460 (18.1)

Wheel size - front/rear mm (in) - 180 (7) / 280 (11)

Type of tyres - Foam-filled/Puncture-resistant

Maximum speed km/h (mph) - 6.4 (4)

Minimum braking distance from maximum speed m (ft) - 0.8 (2.62)

Range on full charge and flat ground* km (miles) - Up to 5 (8)

The turn-around width m (ft) - 1.25 (4.3)

The maximum safe slope degrees of slope - 6˚

The maximum climbing ability facing upwards degrees of slope - 6˚

Ground clearance mm (in) - 100 (4)

Maximum obstacle climbing ability mm (in) - 25 (1)

Maximum safe descendible kerb height mm (in) - 50 (2)

Force to operate Accelerator control Newtons (lbs) - 1 (0.224)

Force to operate Brake Override levers Newtons (lbs) - 45 (10.1)

Ambient operating temperature range °C (°F) - 5 (41) to 40 (104)

Ambient Storage temperature range °C (°F) - 10 (50) to 25 (77)

Ambient Charging temperature range °C (°F ) - 5 (41) to 40 (104)

USB outlet output and capacity - 5V/2A

Charger Model - Brintal YPCv01