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Küschall K-Series 2.0

Küschall K-Series 2.0



Prices from

£2540.00 Ex VAT | £3048.00 Inc VAT


Küschall K-Series


Küschall K-Series is fully adjustable, allowing fine tune adjustments for a guaranteed perfect fit. The new lightweight and modern aluminium hydroformed frames are available in a range of styles, along with a choice of footrests suitable for a variety of abilities. The lockdown folding backrest and quick release rear wheels ensure quick and easy car transfers, supporting an independent lifestyle.


The new hydroformed frame brings a unique and modern styling to the Küschall K-Series.  Additionally, the frame profile provides increased rigidity and ergonomic grip to support comfortable repositioning and transfers.  The combination of design and built-in precision results in an ultra-light wheelchair that delivers an exceptional driving experience. Below are some key features of the Invacare Küschall K-Series.


Key Features


Adjustable and Adaptable: With a fully adjustable seat module the K-Series offer multiple positioning possibilities. Five centre of gravity positions allows higher activity or increased stability, as standard.  Finding the perfect position has never been easier on a rigid wheelchair than with the highly adaptable Küschall K-Series.

Keep On Track: The clean castor housing design with integrated bearings reduces the amount of debris collecting in the wheels and ensures the wheelchair is always performing at its most energy efficient, to keep you propelling easier for longer.

Outstanding Functionality: The rear wheel extension adds stability by adjusting the rear wheels further back.  An ideal choice if you’re new to an active wheelchair, but it can be easily converted to a fixed axle as wheelchair skills increase.

Compact & Transportable: Küschall K-Series angle adjustable folding backrest comes complete with clothesguards as standard. Simply flip them up and place them against the backrest, they remain on the chair safe and secure for easy transportation and storage.

Customise and Personalise: Küschall K-Series offers an extensive selection of accessories and personalisation options, create your wheelchair designed around you.



The hydroformed front frame will bring the design of your K-Series to another level. The new technology brings more stiffness and rigidity, for an unrivalled driving performance, adding striking lines and a clear design language to a timeless icon.


Hydroformed frame

Ergonomic grip, ideal for repositioning and transfers, frame angle available in both 75° and 90°.


Light active brake

The new aluminium brake, with a minimalist design, brings lightness to unprecedented levels. Precision even in the smallest details.


Tapered frame 

Tapered frame allows the wheelchair to contour to your body for a sleek aesthetic.



Completely redesigned with a flat surface for greater comfort, and perfect positioning.


New backbrace 

Ergonomic back brace for increased grip when lifting during transfers. Lower brace positioning, ideal for Matrx backrests.



Folding backrest with six possible angle adjustments for different positioning needs


Seat module

At the heart of the K-series. The seat module offers five different centre of gravity positions, allowing a choice of high activity or increased stability within the wheelchair, as standard.


Castor housing

New aluminium profile welded to the front frame tube. Consistent design throughout the entire wheelchair.



Adjustments come as standard on the K-Series, so finding your perfect position is always guaranteed! Possible Adjustments: Front seat height Rear seat height Centre of gravity Backrest height and angle.



All adjustments on the K-Series are on the seat module. This will ensure your castor fork angle is always fixed at the correct angle, ensuring a sharp and responsive performance for a superior driving experience.



  • White
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue


Standard Features

  • Max User Weight 130kg (20.5 stone)
  • Crash Tested ISO 7176-Part 19
  • Active Rigid Wheelchair with Height Adjustable Rigid Footrest
  • Multiple adjustments, Front and Rear Seat Heights and Centre of Gravity
  • Full Hydroformed Aluminium Front Frame 75° Front Angle
  • 24" Self Propel Q/R Wheels with Grey Aluminium Handrims and Schwalbe Black and Grey Pneumatic Tyres
  • Choice of 10 Seat Widths 320mm to 500mm
  • Choice of 8 Seat Depths 350mm to 525mm
  • Range of Front Seat Heights from 450mm to 520mm
  • Range of Rear Seat Heights from 390mm to 490mm
  • Lockdown Folding, Angle and Height Adjustable Backrest
  • Black Nylon with Reflective Trim, Tension Adjustable Upholstery
  • Without Push Handles, Composite Clothesguards
  • Black Aluminium Axle Tube with 3° Camber
  • Black Comfort Front Castor
  • Standard Brake Lever Bent
  • Tool Kit


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