New Freedom Wheelchair Carer Control Joystick

Freedom Electric Folding Wheelchair

The most popular model for active users up to 27 stones who like to be outdoors, drive on uneven surfaces (gravel, grass, cobblestones, etc.) or want to get around in the winter. Joystick controlled, Freedom Chairs are versatile powered chairs for both outdoor use and, being highly manoeuvrable, excellent indoors too. They fold incredibly easily and quickly and fit into most car boots and take up very little space indoors. They are great travel chairs for days out, cruises etc and a battery test certificate is available for airline travel. With ISO, CE & FDA approval, the chairs are superbly made and finished. Freedom Chairs can be fitted with multiple batteries, doubling or even tripling the range up to 27 miles!

Available from 1st June 2021 a new accessory is available for the Freedom Wheelchair to allow carers to take control of the chair without removing the joystick from the user. By simply flicking switch the drive system is accessed behind the chair user and controlled by the carer. This new feature will be available on both new and old Freedom wheelchairs, but exiting users will require a new joystick to convert their Freedom Chair to the carer controlled option.


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