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We have very exciting news lasyt year that we teamed up with the amazing Betty Ross @dayglobetty. Betty will be a Distribe brand ambassador moving forward.

Betty has been using a Freedom A08L Folding Electric Wheelchair over the last 18 months and the following has been extracted from Betty's Instagram post last July.

"Since I bought my wheelchair from Distribe just over a year ago, the world has really opened up for me so drastically and so much more than I'd even thought possible before buying. I've been able to go out, make memories, and have adventures, even on some of my worse health days. So much of that comes from how confident I feel in the quality of my chair, knowing that it's not going to give up on me and leave me stranded! It's also been amazing being able to contact David from Distribe directly whenever I have any questions about the chair, especially when I was first getting started using it.

I've said it on my instagram plenty of times already, but truly having a wheelchair has had such a huge positive impact on my life. I feel really hopeful that in this collaboration with Distribe and being able to share my discount code with you all I might be able to play a small part in helping other people to experience the euphoric and liberating change having the right mobility equipment can bring.

Distribe offers a wide range of great quality mobility equipment and accessories, at multiple different price points, so you can feel confident that you will find something that fits your unique lifestyle, requirements, and budget. They also have the most amazing customer service I've ever experienced! You can buy directly from their website or organise a free in-person assessment to trial different equipment and find the best match for you and your needs, with no obligation to buy."


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