Twion Rear Power add on

Twion Rear Power add on



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Twion Rear Power add on


The Alber twion is designed with speed in mind. The dynamic engine ensures a high strength of propulsion up to 10 km/h. The recovery system of energy recharges your battery during the braking phases and increases their self-sufficiency of about 10% for even more freedom.

twion is also built to connect with the other devices intelligently – Smartphones. The Mobility Pack allows this device to communicate with Android smartphones. The App, which is downloadable on Google Play Store, will enable you to get information on the battery charge level, distance traveled, and route, displayed via a GPS. Users looking to have a sportier driving experience can have the driving profile adapted to suit their style. If a potential problem occurs, the diagnostic function will help you locate the origin of the problem and if necessary, to contact our customer service.


Key features


  • BlueDrive Manipulator: When no one is sitting on the wheelchair, the twion can be remotely controlled using the smartphone.

  • twion Mobility App: For smartphones equipped with the Android operating system or iOS with internet access. It can be downloaded the App on Google Playstore and the App Store.

  • Course memorization mode: Recording and display of routes using a GPS signal and a detailed display of data like distance traveled, the length of the lap, the altitude difference, and the number of calories consumed.

  • Driving information: It reads driving parameters, including the level of batteries, different speed measurements, maximum speed, speed, altimeter and odometer.

  • Stainless steel handrails: Comes with brushed stainless steel, more resistant to shocks and scratches, better adhesion and extra weight per wheel: + 400 g.

  • Black engine hood: Black engine block contour and black quick disconnect shaft knob.


Technical Specification


Available Wheel Sizes - 24"

Weight per wheel - 6.3 kg

Speed - 6 - 10 km/h

Driving range - 12 - 20 km

Motor capacity - 2 x 60 W

Battery capacity - 37V / 8 Ah

Battery type - Lithium-Ion

Battery weight - Fully Integrated

Total weight - 12 kg

Max. user weight - 120 kg