Olympia Rise Recliner Chair

Olympia Rise Recliner Chair



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£1175.00 Ex VAT | £1410.00 Inc VAT (Base Price Only - Request Quotation)


Olympia Rise Recliner Chair


Our best selling chair, the Rimini Classic is tailored for luxury and comfort.

It is built to order around your exact needs and tastes with a choice of rise mechanism, seat dimensions, cushion types and comfort accessories.


The waterfall back offers the ultimate in comfort, three deeply soft cushions support your head, neck and the full length of your back and nothing can match the relaxing comfort of this chair.


Guide to our range of sizes:

  • Seat Height 14 - 21"
  • Seat Width 16 - 28"
  • Seat Depth 16 - 22"


Choose from the following rise recliner mechanisms:   

Single Motor Tilt in Space

Dual Motor Tilt in Space

Standard Dual Motor

Single Motor Wallhugger

Single Motor Three Way




Standard features:

Side pocket and loop for handset

A safety device to lower the chair in the event of a power cut

Durable castors

A two-year warranty, with an option to purchase our Comprehensive Five-Year Care Plan.


Styles available in the Rimini collection:

The Rimini range includes a two seat and three seat sofa, static chair, fireside chair and a choice of two footstools.


Fabric options:

You have the freedom to chooset the type and colour of fabric to suit your own tastes and existing house decor.


Each type of fabric inlcudes a range of colour tones;

  • Cream and Wheat
  • Oatmeal, Nutmeg and Cocoa
  • Mint, Sage and Evergreen
  • Denim, Blue, Slate
  • Rose, Cherry, Wine
  • Contemporary pattern designs


Leather and performance fabrics;

  • Quality leathers
  • Endurance DOLCE fabrics


Comfort Accessories available:

It is the small details that can make all the difference to the enjoyment of your chair.

We provide a whole range of accessories to help you make the most of your new rise recliner.

Not all accessories are available on each rise recliner style – please check at the time of ordering with your Product Specialist when being assessed.

Some Comfort Accessories include;


  • Heat and massage systems
  • Heat only systems
  • Seat covers
  • Head covers
  • Armrest covers (full and half)
  • Reading lamps
  • Head pillows
  • Head rolls
  • Wooden knuckles


Seat Cushions available:

The choice of materials in the seat cushion of your chair can make all the difference to your comfort and support.

We offer the full range from soft and firm quality Reflex foam, to our specialist care cushions.

If you need a little more support from your seat cushion, perhaps if you sit for long periods in your chair, do consider our specialist seat cushions.

For ultimate comfort at the heart of your chair, we can also build in our Luxury Pocket Sprung Cushion.

Designed with individual high tensile steel coil springs in individual pockets, the springs give consistent support throughout the life of the chair and lasting shape to the seat cushion.


Guide to our seat cushion classifications:


Low risk cushions are aimed at people who have normal sitting posture and good mobility but are seated for greater than one hour at a time and require pressure relief that provides some supported and comfort.


Medium risk cushions are for people who have good posture and mobility but sit for long periods of time, have limited ability to relieve pressure due to restricted mobility and require pressure relief and supported comfort.


Low and Medium risk cushions are also a good choice for people with reduced muscle mass or who are emaciated.


High risk cushions are for people who have good postural position but who are unable to relieve pressure due to restricted mobility and require pressure relief and supported comfort provided by the cushion.


Very high risk cushions are for people at very high risk of developing pressure sores or a history of sores where the highest priority is to prevent further pressure damage. If a person has an open pressure sore or has had a sore in the last six months we would recommend that the GP or Tissue Viability Nurse is contacted for advice on the appropriate grade of cushion required.


Safety accessories available:

  • Enclosure Skirt
  • Battery system to use away from mains supply (100 cycles available before re-charge)
  • 20 cycle back up unit
  • Anti entrapment device