Genny Urban 2.0SE

Genny Urban 2.0SE


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Genny Urban 2.0SE


Your freedom: our job


Genny™ is a medical device that allows a large number of people with disability to move safely in spaces previously inaccessible to them. The device has a Segway® self-balancing base that has been modified and adapted to the needs, ensuring immediate rotations on the same axis and the progress without the need to operate control levers such as accelerators or brakes. Genny™ is the first Active Power Wheelchair that has been produced in the world.


APW (Active Power Wheelchair)


The world of medical devices for disability has always been divided into two segments:

AW (Active Wheelchair), known as “classic” manual wheelchairs.

PW (Power Wheelchair), devices operated by control levers. Direction and speed are controlled by a speed throttle or joystick. This device can be operated by a user on the wheelchair or by an attendant. Genny set a new segment up:

APW (Active Power Wheelchair), high-tech medical devices that “transform” the user itself into a lever of command thanks to the self-balancing system.



The self-balancing system forces the patient to maintain a constant and very subtle control of the center of gravity. Therefore it requires a continuous activation of the postural muscles of the trunk which must quickly respond to variations. This offers some benefits: it provides for the ability to control and maintain a good posture of the trunk in a seated position, encouraging the recovery of the physiological lumbar lordosis. It also provides the patient with real exercises of postural biofeedback. The unaware acquisition of a postural strategy will probably be maintained also on other types of sessions and activities (even in sports). In patients with spinal injuries and compromised postural stability of the trunk, this device is a valuable training in the process of recovering lost functions.



Genny™ is a robotic device that can also be used in the rehabilitation field with the aim of improving the quality of patient treatment. Thanks to the self-balancing technology that imitates the patterns of human physiology, Genny™ is able to train the static and reactive components of the balance, re-educate the motor control and perform strengthening exercises of the trunk muscles with isotonic and isometric exercises.



The self-balancing technology allows the activation of the muscular residual system without making use of the upper limbs which were not originally designed to provide for the propulsion of a manual wheelchair. Overuse of the articulating joints of the wrist, elbow and shoulder is reduced by the use of the Genny™, which is a healthy, painless and financial advatage for the user.


Rehabilitation support

In case of surgery following injuries caused by overloaded articulations, typical in patients using upper limbs for the propulsion of manual wheelchairs, Genny™ represents a valid support in the rehabilitation process. The principle of preservation, in this case, allows the mobility of the patient while resting the injured areas. This means that the user is potentially more active and the negative psychological impact of immobility can be reduced.



Genny™ inaugurates a new transportation philosophy in personal mobility. Thanks to its selfbalancing technology, it unites the users in the banner of freedom of movement, erasing the diversity. People who use traditional wheelchairs are daily confronted with a lot of issues. Moving while constantly looking down to avoid the small front wheels sinking into the frequent holes and always having both hands busy (often getting dirty) can lead to frustration. Not to mention the problem of the rain, which compels wheelchair users to get wet because of the impossibility of holding in their hands a simple umbrella. Also dealing with slippery grounds, little steps or challenging slopes can entail considerable risks. Genny™ immediately solves all these issues. Being able to hold one’s own boyfriend/girlfriend’s hand while moving is a common action for those who walk, but it is often impossible for those who use a manual wheelchair.


Genny™ allows patients, thanks to its incredible mobility features, to move looking at the landscape with no worries about the terrain surface. Being able to eat an ice-cream or bringing one’s own “puppy” for a walk becomes a reality. Real mobility means real integration. Sport, leisure and work will never be the same again.


“For the first time, technology comes before disability.”


Genny™’s Design wants to shift the users focus from the problem of the reduced mobility to the charm associated to the device that is being used. For the first time the technology comes before disability. Together with independence, this new interpretation can be a paradigmatic element in the complicated path toward social and mental re-integration of the patient.


Key Features:

  • Technical Info Genny 2.0
  • Range up to 15-25 km depending on driving style and road surface
  • Ground clearance 9cm • Uphill and downhill up to 18%
  • Battery recharge time 6.5 hours
  • Adjustable seat and backrest individually


Technical Specification:



Width - 63 cm

Seat height - 67 cm

Total depth - 76 cm



Speed -  6 / 12 Km/h*

Autonomy - 15-25 Km

Charging time -  6 hours


Surmountable obstacle

Height of  - 5 - 10 cm

Gradeability - 18%

Motors power -  3Kw


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