Benoit Systems Light Drive² Wheelchair

Benoit Systems Light Drive² Wheelchair


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Benoit Systems Light Drive² Wheelchair


The Benoit Systems Light Drive² wheelchair power add-on is meant for all wheelchair users, whether occasional, temporary or permanent. The Benoit Light Drive² enables you to motorise your wheelchair very simply, in a few seconds. Disengage the motor in a single movement, and you can go back to using the wheelchair manually. Experience increased mobility, thanks to a robust and powerful motor system. Benoit Light Drive² retains all the capabilities of a manual wheelchair, but radically extends options for getting around.


Light Drive² is installed in less than 20 seconds and is driven with a joystick.


Your wheelchair remains as easy to manoeuvre and use as when it was purely manual. You can also decide, at any time, to use the disengage lever and go back to freewheeling. Thanks to the Light Drive², you can now contemplate climbing steep slopes, riding over grass or travelling on gravel paths and be able to move about effortlessly, as you wish!


Key Features


Instant Installation

Light and easily transportable

Adapts to all wheelchairs

Transportable by air


Discret and unobtrusive design

Suitable for both indoor & outdoor use

Suitable on almost any terrain


Technical Specification


Powerpack weight: 8.8kg (1 st. 9 lbs) 

Maximum user weight: approx 120kg (18 st.)

Max. speed: 10 km/h (6.2 mph) programmable

Battery: 12 Ah 229 Wh Lithium Unit

Weight: 4 kg

Range: 14 to 20 km

Charging (when flat): 5 to 6 hours

Battery lifespan: min 1000 cycles (approx. 4 years)